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Learn how to get
clients without
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An in-depth course + mentorship program with the steps to grow a profitable graphic design business no matter where you are.


An in-depth course + mentorship program with the steps to grow a profitable graphic design business no matter where you are.

You have the design skills, it’s time to 
master your business skills.

Do any of these descriptions sound like you?


  • You tried to set up your design business, but failed.
  • You are feeling burnt out and want to give up design.
  • You are scared to make the plunge into freelancing.
  • You are having a hard time getting clients to pay well.
  • You are stressed about where your next client will come from.
  • You don’t know how to charge more for your services.
  • You aren’t sure how to compete with all the other designers out there.
  • You found it hard to get clients consistently.
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Stop stressing over clients + income

Introducing the

Consistent Clients Blueprint

The step-by-step course + mentorship program
where you will learn:

How to
stand out
other designers

How to

How to
higher prices

What students are saying:

You just need a small sliver of these as clients
to make a great living

A Mentor with 12 Years of Experience

Hi there!

A little bit of my story: In 2015 I left my corporate job working for a Hollywood publisher as I wanted independence. I started my own design business but I fell flat on my face. The struggle to find good-paying clients took me to reconsider whether I was meant to be an entrepreneur or not. But I didn’t give up. I became obsessed to study the business side of graphic design.

With knowledge under my belt and trial and error, I was finally able to grow my business to $10,000+ months and client consistency. And I have since been teaching graphic designers the path for consistent clients and a profitable design business.

If you allow me, you could be next. 

Design clients I have worked with:

overview Image

  • 1

    The Success Mindset

    I will show you how to adapt a 6-figure mindset so you can truly make 6-figures in your business. One of the key differences between successful and failing companies is the state of mind of the owners.

  • 2

    The Foundation Phase

    In this crucial phase, you will be figuring out how you can stand out in a sea of other designers and is what sets you apart from the average designer. 

  • 3

    The Build Phase

    You will now create a brand that attracts your ideal clients plus allows you to charge higher prices. You will establish powerful systems that will save you hours of time and money weekly.

  • 4

    The Growth Phase

    Now it is time to explode your business growth with effective inbound and outbound strategies that actually get responses and clients. And how to turn them into loyal lifetime customers, generating a client snowball machine giving you financial stability. 


art school.

I want to join!

What’s inside the program Arrow

Section 1 The Success Mindset

Getting Oriented

The 6-Figure Mindset

The Growth MethodTM

Section 2 The Foundation Phase

Goals to Motivate

An Inch Wide and a Mile Deep Part 1

An Inch Wide and a Mile Deep Part 2

Know Before You Go

Research Part 1: Looking Through Blogs

Research Part 2: Industry Leaders

Research Part 3: Facebook Groups

Research Part 4: Your Ideal Client Interviews

Crafting Your Message

How to Get Things Done

Section 3 The Build Phase

Overcoming Self-Doubt

Creating a Brand That Resonates

Services and Pricing

Creating Your Converting Website

Taking Care of Business

Managing Your Metrics

Legal and Accounting Simplified

Section 4 The Growth Phase

Creating Your Social Media

Positioning Yourself as an Authority

How to Get Clients Intro

How to Get Clients Tactics 1-3: Websites + Facebook

How to Get Clients Tactics 4-6: Other Businesses

How to Get Clients Tactic 7: Instagram Direct Message

How to Get Clients Tactic 8: LinkedIn

How to Get Clients Tactic 9: Creating a Downloadable

How to Get Clients Tactic 10: Referrals


How to Sell

How to Deal with Bad Clients

How to Create Loyal Clients

How to Flourish

Section 5 Troubleshooting + Bonuses

How to Use Clubhouse

Can’t find online groups of your ideal client

Feeling stuck in finding a niche

Feeling discouraged to continue

Making money doesn’t seem too real to you

Not finding time to create content

Not getting any/enough clients

Not liking my chosen niche anymore

More from my students:

Don't forget the BONUSES!!

Downloadable worksheets, 
templates and swipe files 
to make growing your 
design business as 
easy as possible.

Weekly group coaching calls 
with me so that I can guide 
you in your journey 
through the program!


Practice + master your 
sales skills with me 
and improve confidence 
in your ability to 
close client projects.

Daily help, advice and support 
in an exclusive and safe 
community of other creatives.

This program is for you if:

  • You feel lost on how to make a living as a designer
  • You are a trained designer
  • You are committed to growing your business
  • You have tried on your own and have failed
  • You are stuck in the growth of your business

Don't join the program if:

  • You are still learning graphic design
  • You are not committed to grow your business
  • You don't like working with clients
  • You want to only sell digital products
  • You prefer having a 9-5 job over starting your own business
Happy Customer

You have been an amazing mentor during my business journey. I have a better idea where I’m heading and it’s been so exciting uncovering the potential my business has! I really have you to thank for that! I learned so much in just one day. This was the motivation I needed so thank you for sharing all of your valuable tips and advice to help us!

Happy Customer

I got way more than I expected and I can't say it enough how grateful I am to this course. I feel more confident to surge ahead and navigate the business. I know there will be challenges ahead, but I feel my blueprint is much stronger than when I first started out. An excellent program for young entrepreneurs, both aspiring and new business owners, to get a grasp of building a solid foundation for their business, and ensure it is sustainable over the long term. Lauren provides excellent insights that aim to help you start the business you want!

Happy Customer

This program was by far one of the best investments I could have ever made. Lauren is not only a super friendly and caring instructor, but it's really her business acumen that truly shows you there is no one better to learn from. Although I am new to the design industry, I have 0 doubt that my time spent in this program and Lauren's help is really going to put me over the top.

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What you will get:

  • Actionable steps to get financial stability
  • Downloadables to help you with each lesson
  • Customized support and guidance from me
  • A private supportive and collaborative group of creatives
  • Accountability to meet your goals

What you will NOT get:

  • A magic wand
  • One million dollars with the click of a button
  • Overnight instant success
  • Making $100,000 per year without putting in any work
  • Someone doing all of the hard work for you

THE missing course in Art School to set you up for the real world

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